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COVID Updates

As we embark into the 2021-2022 curling season and with the COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting our lives, the board of director’s goal is to keep everyone safe while enjoying a curling game and evening out with friends.  To accomplish this the board has made some key decisions for the upcoming season.

  • Everyone entering the club must be fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) and show proof of the vaccinations.
  • The club will be using the CurlON Contact Tracing APP with the Ontario COVID-19 customer screening tools to help with the requirement for each facility to record the name and contact information of every person who enters the facility and actively screen individuals who enter the facility.
  • 2-metre social distancing should be maintained between individuals throughout the club and during games.
  • Masks are required at all times. This includes locker area, washroom, lounge and bar area except while sitting to eat or drink. Masks are required heading to the ice but are not mandatory on the ice but recommended if you’re not sweeping.
  • Ice guidelines were designed for eight (8) people per sheet of ice considering physical distancing recommendations.
    • Instead of a handshake, give a friendly wave or tap brooms to start the game.
    • Do not use ‘community’ coins to decide the last stone advantage in the first end. League convener will assign the last stone for every game.
    • Players stay on the same side of the sheet. For example, if you are playing on sheet 2, always walk or position yourself on the sideline to sheet 1. This will keep players 10 feet apart.
    • Non-delivering team: The sweepers of the non-delivering team should be positioned mid-ice while the other team is throwing. The player of the non-delivering team whose turn it is next to deliver should be positioned at hogline on the same side as the two sweepers. The Skip (or Vice-Skip) will stand on the backboard but no closer than the hack.
    • Delivery Team: The Skip has control of the house. The player whose turn it is to deliver is in the hack. The non-sweeping player is on the backboards. The sweeping player is at the T-Line.
    • Once the stone has been released, the player who delivered the stone proceeds down the centre line of the ice until the halfway point. Both the sweeper and non-sweeper also proceeds to the half way point.
    • One sweeper only on all delivered stones. The person in charge of the house is not allowed to sweep under any circumstance.
    • The skip of the non-delivering must remain in the hack area until all stones come to rest. They are not allowed to sweep the opposition stone behind the tee-line.
    • The skip or vice skip (not both) of the non-delivering team must stand at the hack until the other team is finished playing and has relinquished control of the house.
    • Neither skip or vice skip (both teams) may sweep any stones (both colours) set in motion by the delivering team.
    • Wipes will be available at both entrances to the ice. Clean the surface of your rock prior to each game. Players select their two stones. No interchanging of stones during a game. Players should not touch any stones other than their own. Let players delivering the next stone retrieve their own stone.
    • Measuring: Remove gloves, sanitize your hands, conduct measure, return measure device to its normal location, sanitize your hands.
    • As it is labour intensive activity to sanitize the numbers after each game, only one player will be chosen to post the score for both teams.
    • Lessening of physical distancing restrictions during the season would/could allow these guidelines to be removed.
  • Curling equipment will only be available for the learn to curl programs. Members are required to have their own equipment.
  • Club capacity limit is 87 people.
  • Seating in the lounge will be 8 to a table, with a minimum of 2m between the tables. This configuration meets the current public health requirements for distancing.
  • Lockers will be available during the curling season. 2-metre social distancing should be maintained between individuals.
  • Room capacities will be posted on all rooms except the lounge and ice area.
  • Cleaning protocols will be maintained, according to current public health requirements. Both hand sanitizer and wipes will available throughout the club including all table and entrances to the ice. Please use these to wipe down your chair or table surface prior and after leaving. 
  • Release of liability, waiver of claims and indemnity agreement and the COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance must be signed by all members over 18 years of age.
  • Signed Curling Canada Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement is required by parents/guardians of participants under the age of majority.
  • Bonspiels and rentals will be permitted, but participants must sign the Participant Agreement and follow the same mask-wearing rules as above.


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